Online Payments API

Our simple, straightforward API gets you up and running quickly.

Payments API Reference

The following are links to all our resources in our online payments API. Each section of our API includes detailed information about methods & parameters as well as example code.

Please note:
  • The amount fields in relation to currency will be the amount in the smallest denomination of your currency.
  • For currencies with 2 decimals please use the amount * 100 (1.00USD = 100)
  • For currencies with 3 decimals please use the amount * 1000 (1.000TND = 1000)
  • For currencies with 0 decimal places use the amount * 1 (1JPY = 1)


An instance of a credit/debit card authorization, with a payment expected to be captured later.

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One time use token representing card details that can be used to create a payment.

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Coupons can be applied to subscriptions.

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Customers can be assigned subscriptions for recurring payments.

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BETA. Test Mode only.

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An invoice contains items to charge a customer.

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Line items for invoices.

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An instance of a credit/debit card payment.

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Recurring payment plans that are used to create subscriptions.

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A refund of a previous payment (full or partial).

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Subscriptions to recurring plans for a particular customer.

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Tax rates to be applied to an invoice.

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Objects representing HTTP endpoints that will receive callbacks after various events.

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API Keys

After logging into your account, your API keys can be located at: Settings ⟶ API Keys

There will be two private keys – one for Sandbox mode and one for Live mode. If you have not yet registered for Live mode, then there will only be a Sandbox key. To make them easy to distinguish, sandbox keys are prefixed with sbpb_ and live keys with lvpb_.


These are private keys, so keep them safe. Anyone who obtains your private API key can make API requests on your behalf!

Sandbox vs. Live modes

The areeba.simplify API can be accessed in Sandbox or Live modes. In Sandbox mode, all payments are simulated. In Live mode, payments are real. The API key specified in API requests determines which mode is accessed. When logged into the areeba.simplify web portal, you can switch between viewing Sandbox and Live data using the toggle switch in the header